Lay…. Vecino *-* jajajajaja

Adorable Yixing talking

BOLDED text symbolize when fans chant along.
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Man I swear the other day I’m trying to do my own thing (this girl)
The hell you trying to do to me girl? and it really came down to this uh
Na na na na na na na na na na only one thing left to…


C-Clown’s MV “Shaking Heart” will be released on April 18th at 12pm KST in LOENENT’s You Tube Channel 
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Track list for C-Clown 3rd Mini-Album.


  1. Hell Yeah (Intro)
  2. 흔들리고 있어 (Shaking Heart) (Title Track)
  3. 멀리 멀리(Far, Far Away)
  4. 그땐 그랬지(It Was Like That Then)(feat. ALi)
  5. 너무 예뻐(So Pretty)